1001 Inventions - The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Civilisation

Event Nation worked with their client, 1001 Inventions, to produce a 1500 square metre, interactive, science heritage exhibition. This fascinating exhibition traces the forgotten story of a thousand years of science and technology from a period of time commonly known as the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation, from the 7th century onwards.

Featuring a diverse range of over 60 interactive and static exhibits, the exhibition demonstrates how many modern scientific and technological inventions and advances, can trace their roots back to Muslim Civilisation. This exhibition educates visitors about 1000 years of missing history (known in the West as ‘The Dark Ages’) and the men and women of all faiths and backgrounds that advanced science, technology and culture and paved the way for modern life.

The exhibition launched at the London Science Museum in 2010 and then toured to over 20 cities worldwide across Europe, Middle East, China and the US. 1001 Inventions is now considered the worlds number one science heritage brand promoting and raising awareness of the creative golden age of Muslim civilisation that stretched from Spain to China.


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